Déblayages de Maisons de A à Z
Nov 16, 2018, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

What if, all this time, you were actually acurately aware of the energies and entities of the places and spaces ?

This telecall invites you in a magical and pragmatic world where communicating with it and the spirits is not only possible, easy, but it can also dynamically change the energies of places and the people that live in it! What if you could start to create spaces in a more collaborative and conscious way ? Places and spaces can contribute to your energy, your creation, money flows, harmony and even having more sexual and creative energy! You don't need to want to sell a property in order to dive into this telecall (wich however can also be adressed) and open yourself to the magic of spaces and allow them to contribute to your life!


Are you ready to have the ease of having living and breathing spaces that can pull watever you want in your life?

What if your space was conscious ?

  • Have you noticed that you feel better in some places, and completely drained in others?

  • Is there any objects that makes you feel better, just by watching them?

  • Are you used to read or relax in some places more than everywhere else in your house or your appartment ? A preferate place to sit around your table maybe? 

  • And did you notice arguings often occur repeatedly in the same places ?

  • Is there sits you feel uncofortable in restaurants while others are just perfect, nourishing and they relax you totally ?

What if you could shift the energy of any place and space ?


This specialty class is an Intro Class and so, if you wish to attend a "Talk to the entities begining class", you'll have the first step ! with any TTTE facilitator.

This is an Intro Class with a defined theme and it needs no specific pre-requisite.




1 Télécall

Duration : 2H00
(Heure Française)



Clearings to eliminate anything that prevents you from having ease to communicate with any space or house

Exercice with Entities


EPractical Exercice with your place to discover the Contribution that your House desires to Be for you



Replay of the Telecall and the Receiving Exercice

as separate files


125 €

(Minimum price asked by Shannon O'Hara)

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